I remember the day I was sitting on a bus in Thailand next to a woman.  She spoke wonderful English and so we were able to have depth to our conversation.  She was pregnant.  We talked about her life in Thailand.  Her family.  Her job.  Her faith.  Then we talked about me.  I told her about Jesus and how He is my everything, my very breath.  She had never heard His name, in English or Thai.  I explained His story by sharing our story.  Afterwards I told her my God is a god whose eyes are open to the hurts and pains of this world.  My God is not made of stone but of the Spirit that hovered over the waters at creation and resides in those who are His Beloved.  My God hears every thought, knows every desire, sees every tear, feels every pain, and has created the beauty of yesterday, today and tomorrow. My God is good, not by human standards, but in a holiness that words cannot describe.  I think of the false gods that plague this world.  The false idols in my own life that so quickly devour.  Praise the Lord that He is love.  It is Him who satisfies.  He is the Living Water.  Our Only Hope.  Please pray for those that are blinded by false gods, pray for all of us who are blinded by false idols.  



Nepal Bound

At this time of the year, two years ago, I was preparing to go on what had become the grandest journey of all: spreading the Gospel around the world.  Going on the World Race, an eleven month mission trip to eleven countries around the equator, was an incredible time that allowed me to see the hurts of the world and the Lord’s response of grace and mercy through the Gospel.   A passion that words cannot describe was born within me to see every man, woman and child around the world walk in the freedom of Christ.  It is because of this burning passion that I am excited to write you and tell of a new journey the Lord is allowing me to go on.

This coming March (only two months away!!!) I have the opportunity to take part in a short term project with my church.   A small team from Bethel Church will be traveling to Harmi, Nepal for 14 days.  The village has seen tremendous excitement concerning local community development after a locally led radio station was put up not long ago.  The village wants to expand their medical center, expand their hydroelectric capability, and work with human trafficking victims.  Our trip will focus on helping them expand their medical center.  Personally, I look forward to looking into the possibility of working with the human trafficking victims on a more long-term basis.

Our presence will be an encouragement to local church planters and workers.  They are excited about the possibility for future long term partnership to reach this unreached area of the world.  HCJB Global, a large global ministry organization, with work in Harmi, is so excited about this trip that they are sending three staff along with us.

In order to go, I am participating in pre-trip and post-trip training through my church. We will be learning teamwork, relationship building, and cultural norms and customs for Nepal. In addition, I need to develop a team of people who will pray and/or financially support me during this trip. The total cost of the trip will be $3,000 as well as personal funds spent in preparing to go, taking time off of work, etc.   

I would ask you to prayerfully consider supporting my trip to Nepal in both prayer and finances. I need to have my full support raised no later than February 15th (eeek!!! I am so excited to see the Lord provide).  

If you would like to give towards this trip, please make checks payable to Bethel Church. Please also put Nepal – Kaity Anczer in the memo line. You can mail your check using the envelope provided.  If you would prefer to donate directly to me or have any questions, please e-mail me at kanczer@gmail.com.


Okay, so maybe consistent blogging is not a strength of mine.  For some reason, whenever the Lord sends me on crazy journeys I get super duper excited and want to tell everyone about what He is doing….and since I am about to go on the super duper awesome journey of missions to Nepal for two weeks, I guess it is about time I dust off my keyboard and get typing!!  Stay tuned!


Upside Down

Months since a blog! That officially makes me a horrible blogger!  I could list off excuses, even alphabetize them if you would like, however I will refrain from blame shifting and simply say I am in North Dakota.  Believe it or not, there is internet out here, though not much better than Africa.

As mentioned in prior blogs, surprisingly throughout my journey abroad my heart ached for America youth.  I still struggle with how I would be spending time encouraging a child whose life would be considered substantially more difficult than most Americans and my thoughts and heart would often be here, in the States.  The only way I can justify that in my mind is that the Lord not only has work prepared in advance for me, but is also preparing me for the work.

Random side thought with purpose – I remember while I was attending Moody, someone had a made a comment about how all I would ever become was a Secretary.   I was angry, hurt, frustrated and wishing I had chosen a different major, maybe engineering like my brother or accounting like my friend.  Maybe then I would amass to something worthwhile, something to be proud of.

No worries, this is not meant to be a sob story, but a story of truth.  You see the kingdom is upside down.  The first is last, last is first.  You have to die to gain your life.  The Greatest came as a servant to all.  You get the picture, upside down from our logic.

It turns out the “work” God has prepared me for is indeed…upside down from my desires.  I moved to North Dakota…I wanted to stay close to those I love more than words can describe.  I took a job doing secretary-ish things….having the very title I loathed most in college, Administrative Assistant.  I have moved twice since I have been here and most like will move twice more….after a year of moving every month, I was looking forward to making a home, and staying in it.  I moved to a place with probably the least amount of single, young men per mile in the U.S.A…..desire to get hitched is officially on hold until further notice.  I hate extreme weather…imagine a snow globe, only actually cold.

In other words, the journey the Lord has me on is completely upside down.    And surprisingly wonderful in a strange I watched O Brother, Where Art Though? and actually liked it sort of way.  Stay tuned and watch how the Lord will provide in my upside down world.

Shattered Glass

You are standing against the glass with your child, the one who holds your heart.  On the other side of the glass is the most terrifying creature.  If you were to imagine the most horrifying, starving, murderous animal that would haunt your nightmares, what would it be?   Now imagine the glass shattering.  What would your first instincts be?   To blame the faulty glass?  To run? To sacrifice yourself by throwing yourself in front of your child?  To freeze unable to move?  To trust, no matter the circumstance, no matter the heartbreak, no matter the potential loss?

A strange thought, I know.  But what if I told you to pray for the glass to be shattered in your life?  What if I told you to risk everything and everyone you hold dear?  Crazy.  Madness.  Foolish.

Okay, an explanation is due.  This is my challenge for us both.  Think of the one thing, person, idea, possibility that matters most to you.  Go ahead, give it a shot.  Now offer it to the Lord.  Let him shatter the glass wall of perfection and safety that you have neatly placed in front of the danger of the unseen.  And trust.

Do you know that even if the evil in this world attacks the thing you love most, the Lord is still good?  I feel a fool to say that the thing I hold most dear to myself right now is the idea of having a family.  I want to get married.  I want to have children.  More than anything else.  But I have to trust the Lord.  My Isaac is a possibility, a hope, a desire.

What happens if I let go?  If I let the glass shatter, completely ruining my protection that I have placed around that one person, that one relationship, that one thing, that one dream, that one desire, that one hope?  Then maybe my eyes would be open to the Lord’s angels armies surrounding me and all I hold dear.

The more I risk, the more I trust, the more I can see in the world of the unseen. 

So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide.  And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.”  Genesis 22:14


One Month of Time

Time is a funny thing.  It is constant.  No matter how fast or slow a period of life feels, it is still confined to the barricade of a manmade timeline.  I have been in the United States of America for one month today.  Whether that time has been fast or slow is irrelevant.  A month is a month.  During this month I began a new journey of processing this past year…a journey that will probably take the rest of my life to complete.  I spent eleven months in eleven equatorial countries serving as a missionary around the world.

While processing this past year the concept and purpose of this blog was born.  I desire to seek after God and obey Him wherever He calls me.  God provides.  God gave Habakkuk hinds feet to climb mountains, He gave Elisha the power to make the dry bones breathe and in the wilderness God fed Elijah by the ravens.  In other words, God provides.  May this blog be a testament to God’s provision as I live a life with an eternal prospective.  I am putting my timeline aside and seeking after God with all I have to offer, my life as a sacrifice to the One True Living God, Jehovah.

What an interesting journey this shall be.  Eternal in the finite.  I will hold on to the promise of hinds feet when God calls me to the mountains, the power to make the dead bones breathe when God calls me to bring life to the dead, and physical needs being met by the ravens when God calls me to a time in the wilderness.

I hope you enjoy this blog as I write stories, thoughts, lessons and devotions.  Who knows, maybe God will teach us something along the way.