One Month of Time

Time is a funny thing.  It is constant.  No matter how fast or slow a period of life feels, it is still confined to the barricade of a manmade timeline.  I have been in the United States of America for one month today.  Whether that time has been fast or slow is irrelevant.  A month is a month.  During this month I began a new journey of processing this past year…a journey that will probably take the rest of my life to complete.  I spent eleven months in eleven equatorial countries serving as a missionary around the world.

While processing this past year the concept and purpose of this blog was born.  I desire to seek after God and obey Him wherever He calls me.  God provides.  God gave Habakkuk hinds feet to climb mountains, He gave Elisha the power to make the dry bones breathe and in the wilderness God fed Elijah by the ravens.  In other words, God provides.  May this blog be a testament to God’s provision as I live a life with an eternal prospective.  I am putting my timeline aside and seeking after God with all I have to offer, my life as a sacrifice to the One True Living God, Jehovah.

What an interesting journey this shall be.  Eternal in the finite.  I will hold on to the promise of hinds feet when God calls me to the mountains, the power to make the dead bones breathe when God calls me to bring life to the dead, and physical needs being met by the ravens when God calls me to a time in the wilderness.

I hope you enjoy this blog as I write stories, thoughts, lessons and devotions.  Who knows, maybe God will teach us something along the way.



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