Upside Down

Months since a blog! That officially makes me a horrible blogger!  I could list off excuses, even alphabetize them if you would like, however I will refrain from blame shifting and simply say I am in North Dakota.  Believe it or not, there is internet out here, though not much better than Africa.

As mentioned in prior blogs, surprisingly throughout my journey abroad my heart ached for America youth.  I still struggle with how I would be spending time encouraging a child whose life would be considered substantially more difficult than most Americans and my thoughts and heart would often be here, in the States.  The only way I can justify that in my mind is that the Lord not only has work prepared in advance for me, but is also preparing me for the work.

Random side thought with purpose – I remember while I was attending Moody, someone had a made a comment about how all I would ever become was a Secretary.   I was angry, hurt, frustrated and wishing I had chosen a different major, maybe engineering like my brother or accounting like my friend.  Maybe then I would amass to something worthwhile, something to be proud of.

No worries, this is not meant to be a sob story, but a story of truth.  You see the kingdom is upside down.  The first is last, last is first.  You have to die to gain your life.  The Greatest came as a servant to all.  You get the picture, upside down from our logic.

It turns out the “work” God has prepared me for is indeed…upside down from my desires.  I moved to North Dakota…I wanted to stay close to those I love more than words can describe.  I took a job doing secretary-ish things….having the very title I loathed most in college, Administrative Assistant.  I have moved twice since I have been here and most like will move twice more….after a year of moving every month, I was looking forward to making a home, and staying in it.  I moved to a place with probably the least amount of single, young men per mile in the U.S.A…..desire to get hitched is officially on hold until further notice.  I hate extreme weather…imagine a snow globe, only actually cold.

In other words, the journey the Lord has me on is completely upside down.    And surprisingly wonderful in a strange I watched O Brother, Where Art Though? and actually liked it sort of way.  Stay tuned and watch how the Lord will provide in my upside down world.


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