I remember the day I was sitting on a bus in Thailand next to a woman.  She spoke wonderful English and so we were able to have depth to our conversation.  She was pregnant.  We talked about her life in Thailand.  Her family.  Her job.  Her faith.  Then we talked about me.  I told her about Jesus and how He is my everything, my very breath.  She had never heard His name, in English or Thai.  I explained His story by sharing our story.  Afterwards I told her my God is a god whose eyes are open to the hurts and pains of this world.  My God is not made of stone but of the Spirit that hovered over the waters at creation and resides in those who are His Beloved.  My God hears every thought, knows every desire, sees every tear, feels every pain, and has created the beauty of yesterday, today and tomorrow. My God is good, not by human standards, but in a holiness that words cannot describe.  I think of the false gods that plague this world.  The false idols in my own life that so quickly devour.  Praise the Lord that He is love.  It is Him who satisfies.  He is the Living Water.  Our Only Hope.  Please pray for those that are blinded by false gods, pray for all of us who are blinded by false idols.